We can do much at the state level to achieve zero tolerance for wage inequality, sexual harassment, job discrimination, and any and all forms of discrimination against women.

Pay equity is a matter of economic, racial and gender justice. Women are the majority of minimum wage workers in Massachusetts; even working full time, far too many don’t earn enough to keep their children out of poverty. The challenges of unequal pay (an income gap still exists where women make approximately 80 cents on the dollar earned by men) and low wages are compounded by the additional responsibilities women bear as mothers, single mothers, and family caregivers.   

Moreover, the watershed #MeToo movement has exposed how endemic sexual harassment and assault directly undermines women’s economic security and opportunity. We must take bold action against sexual harassment and assault in every workplace, campus, and training program in the Commonwealth.  

Unimpeded access to comprehensive healthcare is fundamental to women's health and ability to participate in the economy. Women's economic security is a predictor of children's health, status, and well-being, so advancing reproductive justice strengthens economic security for whole families.

I endorse the comprehensive Agenda for Women’s Equality platform.  I pledge to work with the AWE coalition and allies working for gender and racial justice. We must take bold executive, agency, and policy action to advance women’s equality.


Massachusetts can and should set the standard for ending discrimination against women.




Secure economic self-sufficiency and equality

  • Review all state offices for pay equity.

  • Close the gender wage gap in Massachusetts.

  • Improve state policies to increase women’s economic security.

Ensure Health Equity

  • Guarantee reproductive rights and access to comprehensive, affordable, and high quality healthcare, education, and services.

  • Provide counseling and health services for domestic and sexual violence for women and LGBTQ individuals.

  • Strengthen and expand community-based healthcare.

Strengthen families

Reinforce and broaden:

  • family leave policies.

  • safety net programs

  • supports from pregnancy to parenting.

  • support for caregiving work.

Build Safe and Secure Communities

  • Bolster the response to gender violence and child abuse.

  • Protect students and empower survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

  • Make our state government safe from sexual harassment and assault.

Achieving Leadership Parity

  • Model inclusion in the cabinet and agency leadership.

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.
— Gloria Steinem