Why I’m Running



I love Massachusetts. It’s where I married my wife, raised my children and have called home for the past few decades. Massachusetts is the home of democracy, the birthplace of the revolution, and the first state to abolish slavery and legalize same-sex marriage. We have a long tradition of leading the nation in social justice, civil rights and economic equality, but it’s a tradition we’ve steadily been walking back on.

Prior to running for office, I spent my career as an activist, minister, and a social justice advocate. I founded a homeless shelter and a global non-profit dedicated to holding major corporations accountable for their role in climate change, and offered solutions to how they could reduce their carbon footprint. It’s been a wild ride, but after the election of Donald Trump, I realized I needed to do more. For real reform to happen in our nation, we must start in our own homes and communities. That’s why I want to be your governor. I want to be the people’s governor, a governor who walks alongside the citizens he governs, and a governor who understands firsthand the difficulties that hardworking people face everyday.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to return our democracy to the people, and out of the hands of fossil fuel interests and corporate power. Together, I know we can return justice to our society and our economy.