Somerville, MA — Bob Massie is on a roll. Last week, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate got a strong boost with an endorsement from the Massachusetts chapter of Bernie Sanders’ political organization Our Revolution. Later that week, Massie was also endorsed by non-profit Massachusetts Peace Action, whose board includes former Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons. This week, the United Auto Workers (UAW), one of the largest unions in the country, announced their endorsement for Massie to be the next Governor of Massachusetts.

“I’m grateful to my brothers and sisters in the UAW, who have tirelessly fought for the rights of workers across several industries, for their support,” Massie said. “I’ve been a UAW member for decades, and proudly stood arm-in-arm on the picket line with them many times over the years. We’re living in a moment when workers’ rights are being dismantled by a radical right who have brought their anti-labor agenda center stage. As governor, I will keep up the fight for a livable wage, health care for all, and crucial protections for workers in every sector of our economy. ”

According to the UAW, Massie’s union bonafides and lifelong dedication to social justice were major factors in their decision making.

“We want real change. We have a real opportunity to elect a governor that will respect workers’ rights, work to  create a strong economy in the state, and work to fight against big interests, and most important, will care for our community,”  UAW representative Jose Melara said.

Massachusetts Peace Action felt similarly. According to the group, Massie’s storied career as an international observer in South Africa during the end of apartheid, work to open a homeless shelter in New York City, and groundbreaking working at the Global Reporting Initiative made a strong case for him as the true progressive candidate in the race.

“[Bob] Massie strongly supports a single payer health care system, workers’ rights, reducing economic inequality and environmental justice, and strong action to overcome racism. To reduce income inequality he believes in overhauling the Commonwealth’s antiquated school funding formula (the recent bill failed in the legislature), making the tax code more fair, and instead of giving tax breaks to large corporations like GE and Amazon, investing more money into local businesses and startups,” the group said in their endorsement. “He favors moving the Commonwealth to 100% renewable energy. A strong supporter of labor rights, he marched with striking JP Stevens workers in Woburn and this year with the locked out National Grid workers,” they said in their endorsement.

The Democratic primary will be held on September 4, 2018.