“I have emerged from the valley in the shadow of death … transformed into a man of burning passion and resolve.”

Bob Massie Is Putting Climate and Democracy at the Center of the Massachusetts Governor’s Race - The Nation

Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Massie. (Bob Massie / Facebook)

“Bob has been an absolute staunch champion of serious action on climate; he has the same kind of consistency and integrity as Bernie.”

Now this is going to be interesting - Somerville Times

Bob, age nine, holding forth on his porch with Muhammed Ali. — Photo by Gordon Parks

"Bob has the potential to transform the predictably pedestrian dialogs that we hear in electoral contests into a conversation about what we the people of Massachusetts most want our state to be, and how to achieve it."

A Visionary With His Feet on the Ground - Moyers & Company

"Bob Massie is one of those remarkable activists who crosses with some ease between the outsider domain and the insider domain. He’s a movement guy and he’s a pro — a Transcendentalist in politician’s clothing."

First, He Learned To Walk Again. Now, Bob Massie Is Running For Governor - Boston Public Radio

"According to a poll released in early April, Gov. Charlie Baker is (once again) America's favorite governor, with a 75 percent approval rating, five points higher than his 70 percent rating from September of last year. With only 17 percent of the state's residents unhappy with Baker's job performance, who dares to challenge the most popular governor in the nation?


Bob Massie does."

Democrat Robert Massie kicks off campaign to unseat Charlie Baker - The Boston Globe

"Robert K. Massie, a longtime environmentalist and entrepreneur, told about 200 supporters during his formal campaign kickoff Tuesday night that he is “irrevocably committed to liberty and justice for all." He said that commitment would translate as governor into a fight for workers’ rights and economic equality, initiatives to battle climate change, and many other progressive causes."

Fighting the Good Fight: Q&A with Survivor—and Game Changer—Bob Massie - TIME

"Bob Massie is an expert at overcoming hurdles in life. As a young boy he suffered from hemophilia and spent much of his childhood in braces, unable to walk. He contracted hepatitis and HIV after blood transfusions, lost both knees to joint deterioration and needed a new liver to survive. Gradually he fought back, and eventually succeeded not only in walking again but in traveling widely through a life of passion and commitment."

Massie considering Democratic run for governor - CommonWealth

We need to hold the line against the ravages of Trumpism and then set our course for the bold transformation in our politics and economy that the moment demands,” he wrote."

Robert K. Massie enters race for governor - Boston Globe

"Massie said he has been meeting with climate and other progressive groups, including supporters of Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders, who narrowly lost last year’s presidential primary to Hillary Clinton, despite nearly all the state’s Democratic powerbrokers lining up behind Clinton."