21st century transportation

Whether you are on the North or the South Shore trying to access a job on the other side of Boston, whether you are trying to create a business near a Gateway city, whether you are a single mom trying to get your child to day care and then to your job on an unreliable bus, whether you would like to live in Springfield or Worcester and commute quickly to Boston, you are in trouble.                                                                                                                                                                                             



Climate change is a real and dangerous threat to our state, country and world. For far too long our politicians and leaders have allowed fossil fuel giants and energy corporations to stop real progress on this issue. It's time to change things and start transitioning our grid to one 100% powered by clean energy and end our reliance on fossil fuels and dirty energy.

Women's equality and gender justice

For too long women have been forced to live in an unequal world. It's time to change that, and change the structural problems that have allowed gender inequity to exist for so long.