We Can Still Keep the Internet Neutral

[Updated Statement by Bob Massie, 08/08/18][1]

I support Net Neutrality and see it as an important element in promoting innovation across the economy.  With the FCC's recent actions removing existing Net Neutrality protections, as Governor I will:

  1. Issue an executive order requiring all state government entities to contract only with ISP's that adhere to Net Neutrality principles. (Montana’s Gov. Steve Bullock was the first to do this, followed by New York’s Gov. Cuomo).
  2. Propose new state laws addressing the issue, including, requiring that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) seeking to operate in the state certify that they are in full compliance with Net Neutrality principles and stipulating that the state must contract for ISP service only from ISP operators who comply with Net Neutrality principles.
  3. Propose legislation that would make ISP license renewals subject to the entity demonstrating that its upgrade  plans and investments will achieve acceptable levels of ISP performance by set dates.
  4. Support the growth of a municipal ISPs, and if necessary, use a state bank to de-risk bonding that could back growth and/or upgrades of municipal ISPs to put downward price pressure and upward quality of service pressure on private ISP service providers.
  5. Continue to support actions taken by Attorney General Healey, who joined five other state attorneys general in a lawsuit to restore Net Neutrality. This lawsuit now has the support of 21 Democratic state’s Attorney Generals.
  6. Support the efforts of Senator Barbara L'Italien, Rep. Andrew Vargas and the 37 other members of the state legislature who have already signed on to a bill that would prohibit "blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization in the provision of internet service" in Massachusetts.

Gov. Baker could be doing these things today, but as in other areas of protecting our rights, Gov. Baker is conspicuously absent and takes no action on our behalf.  I am ready to act. If just a few more governors join Bullock and Cuomo in this fight, they can instantly require internet service providers to keep net access open, fair and neutral across the nation.

So how about it, Governor Baker? You know that the assault on Net Neutrality is yet another reckless and destructive GOP policy that enriches the few at the expense of the many -- and stifles economic innovation. Isn't it time to end your mysterious silence on this topic and take a stand? Without spending a dime -- with just one stroke of your pen -- you can make a real difference on an issue that's deeply important to our people and our economy. Why wait another minute?   


[1] Bob Massie’s original statement on Net Neutrality was issued on February 14, 2018 and can be found at