My energy plan will build a prosperous and sustainable future for the Commonwealth, where every resident, family, business, and community benefits, while we protect the future of our planet.

Make Massachusetts #1 In Renewables Generation

We can harvest the biggest growth opportunity the Commonwealth has ever seen by capitalizing on what nature provides us. Massachusetts has some of the best offshore wind potential in the nation. We could turn renewables into the largest single sector in the state’s economy, with a new wind industry and a balanced base of expanded solar and hydroelectric supplies. Massachusetts could become the first state to have an electricity-driven economy, drive fossil fuels out of transportation and building heating, stabilize energy costs, and bring thousands of new jobs to the state, while we compete in a global economy.

Liberation from Fossil Fuels

This fossil fuel ride we are on, with endlessly increasing prices and continued pollution contributing to climate change, has us struggling to stay within family budgets. We currently send $20 billion out of state every year for fossil fuels. And Charlie Baker wants us to pay for more infrastructure to lock us into dirty fuel for another 40 years. Instead, we can keep that money in state, fuel good local jobs, and drive down both energy costs and climate effects. Massachusetts can become a net exporter of clean wind energy.

Our region’s history started with the wind that drove the Mayflower to our shores. That same wind can now be harnessed to carry us forward to a better future. There is no more time to waste. The risk of stalling and studying while standing still could permanently jeopardize our opportunity as others build the energy industries of the future.


Clean renewable energy is essential to fighting climate change and also offers us the greatest opportunity to rapidly expand our economy right now, while lowering utility costs for every business and household.



    • Reform the utility boards to remove the fossil fuel industry influence on our energy policies.
    • Stop sending billions of our dollars out of state to pay for polluting fossil fuel.
    • Commit to developing the greatest wind resources on the eastern seaboard, assuring that Massachusetts becomes the center for the US wind industry.
    • Remove regulatory barriers that choke off smart changes in utility regulation, like net metering caps, and clear the way for more solar installations.
    • Accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by converting to an all-electric state vehicle fleet by 2030.
    • Provide income tax adjustments and job retraining to ease the transition, and drive the majority of renewables jobs to our gateway cities.
    • Reduce energy consumption levels to make the Commonwealth the most efficient state, improving our public health, reducing household costs and raising our livability ranking.
    • Create an Energy Innovation Roundtable to bring our best ideas quickly to the forefront and implement funding innovations like a Green Bank.


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    As yet, the wind is an untamed, and unharnessed force; and quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made, will be the taming, and harnessing of it.
    — Abraham Lincoln