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We are running a People's Campaign!

This campaign is NOT about special interest groups, corporations, or establishment politics.
This campaign IS about you, the people, and  your interests and needs.
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Patrick Szekely, Student, Andover

I believe that he represents what the future of Massachusetts wants and needs

John Carlton-Foss, Engineering, Physics, and Psychology, Weston

Bob Massie is the candidate who by far outstrips other candidates in addressing environment, energy, and climate change issues.

John Manson, Social Worker, Cambridge

In researching the candidates I found Mr. Massie's answers on the issues much more concrete than his opponent, citing specific things he will do. For instance on gun control remove the head of fish and wildlife who is an NRA affiliate. Solid answer. Gun violence, housing costs and environmental issues are the big 3 problems in this state as far as I'm concerned. Taking on the established landowners/businesses, developers and NRA and improving public transportation is essential to sustain this community. In such a wealthy city I should not see so many lower income people suffering and with no path upward. If he can manage to bring this direct approach to governing and make Massachusetts more truly adhere to the progressive label it is always given it will be a refreshing change.

Bridget Neale Paris, Mother, Concord

Bob is a true progressive with the track record to prove it. Bill McKibben pointed out that his track record on the environment is unparalleled.


I support Massie. For me, his systemic vision and approach of "skating where the puck will be" are what sets him apart. Massie also knows what levers need to be pulled to get us there and I'm convinced he has the grit and gravitas to effect change.

Catherine McMahon, Designer, Cambridge

When learning more about Bob Massie I discovered that he is married to one of my former professors, Anne Tate. This information secured my vote and is a testament to his character as she was an inspiration during my education for her dedication to community and social issues. I deeply admire both of their commitment to lives lived in service to social justice and care for our communities and the environment. Thank you for your service and willingness to lead.

Allen Buck, Teacher, Cambridge

Progressive policies


Shared vision on issues, admiration for his personal strength

Bruce Menin, Vice Chair, Newburyport School Committee

I endorse Bob because he is a thoughtful, decent, ethical progressive, who is articulate, has a reliable moral compass, and makes me proud to live in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Marcus, Retired, Newburyport

Bob has the best vision for dealing holistically with the issues that have caused and continue to exacerbate the climate crisis.


Environmental and human rights

Matthew Cook, Custodian, Mansfield

Bob Massie will bring the movement Bernie Sanders started and lead it to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


We need a progressive democratic governor in Massachusetts.

Joseph Burns, UPS, Melrose

Bob wants to introduce a single-payer system, a public bank, high speed rail, and to fix the T in the Bay State! Enough said!


Massie has a background in climate justice and moral leadership. He gets it that climate change is the biggest challenge of our civilization, and he recognizes that the Massachusetts Governor's job and provides an opportunity to gather marginalized voices and stakeholders around the table and collaborate to make a more just, safe, clean, green future for all communities. A climate justice activist for our Governor? How cool would that be?

Matthew Cubetus, Student and Elected Official, Forestdale

Bob Massie has spent a lifetime building coalitions to find and implement sustainable, progressive solutions. His struggle, his energy, and his kind nature convinced me he's the real deal. I'm proud to stand by him any day!

Jackson Humphreys, Student, Milton

Bob's bold vision for Massachusetts presents an exciting future for young people and working families. He is unmatched in his knowledge of the issues, and his vast experiences would make him an incredible leader.

John Harwood, Retired Journalist, Newbury

I endorse Bob because of Bill McKibben's praise of his work, and because I cannot vote for any Republican in this election. We live in revolutionary times, when progressives must lead the way.

John Cruso, Administrative Assistant, Somerville

I've known Bob Massie for a long time. He cares about people and I'm proud to support my friend for governor and I'm proud to stand with Bob Massie for governor.

James Harrington, Retired, Marlboro

Mr. Massie the winner in the Greater Boston PBS show. Gonzalez talks a game. Mr. Massie sticks to coherent talk.

Shel Horowitz, Green Business Consultant: Going Beyond Sustainability, Hadley

Bob impressed me when I met him while he was running for statewide office many years ago, and he impresses me still. He has a terrific record on the environment, personal experience with the challenges of our health system (and also experience of the European single-payer model), and as strong a social commitment as any candidate I can remember. He is more openly progressive and considerably more charismatic than his opponent, and I think he has a better chance of beating Baker.


He voted for Bernie!

Ryan Hale, Student, Worcester

I endorse Bob Massie because of his true and core deep progressive values and beliefs. I know that when Bob is elected governor he won't have any ties to big corporations he will be a driven governor fighting for working class families. His environmental support is incredible and has the potential to have a huge impact on our great state if he is elected. It is important to elected Bob Massie because he will pull us out of the Republican governorship we have today.

Helen Armstrong, Retired, Northampton

I find his positions echo my own values, and that he can be trusted to embody those principles in our Commonwealth. He lights my (our) way forward.

Clarissa B, RN, Quincy

Bob supports human rights and the environment and he has extensive experience in advocacy and planning. He wants to invest in renewable energy and increase transportation to Western MA, an often forgotten part of the state. He understands the negative effects of our health care system and chronic diseases first hand and supports a single payer health system. He is bold in sharing his health conditions, especially his HIV. He supports bold moves in repairing the opioid epidemic, including safe injection facilities which are proven to save lives. He wants to release people incarcerated for non-violent marijuana crimes (why hasn't that already happened in MA anyway?). And he helped found a homeless shelter!


Bob's commitment to causes, foresight, and leadership are all things drastically needed on Beacon Hill. Too many people are hurting in Massachusetts, and we need a Governor who will serve us not elites or the established order, but us. That's why I'm with Bob because he's shown his whole life he fights for what's right. So because Bob will fight for us. I'm fighting for him. Massie 2018

Bobby Gay, Educator, West Roxbury

It is not enough to just oppose Trump and continue business as usual in what is supposedly the most progressive state. Bob is the only candidate taking a deep look at the issues that impact our state’s most vulnerable people. He is a lifelong advocate and embodies the word “justice”.


I believe he wants to make Massachusetts better. I like his policies on transportation, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, crime, and clean air. I would like to see Bob Massie address police brutality, him using his white male privilege and condemning this severe American issue can make a significant wave.

Alexis Lowe, Research Scientist, Somerville

I strongly support the goal of making Massachusetts the first state to rely solely on renewable energy. Policies that protect our planet also protect the future of humanity, and I am glad to see a candidate who takes such a strong stance for Earth justice.

Lenore Bryck, Somatic Pain Therapist, Amherst

I am tired of business as usual politics in MA. We are not as progressive as we claim to be and must begin to fix what’s broken. We need brave, intelligent, compassionate, humane, innovative leadership on urgent matters like climate, environment, social justice, health care...Bob Massie is the breath of fresh air the State House needs.

Elysia Moy, Student, Newton

I endorse Bob because his campaign is genuine. Clear and specific on his goals and tactics on the issues, especially for climate action, clean energy, early childhood education, and affordable housing. I believe Bob will be a governor who listens to the needs of the people of Massachusetts.

Emily Lincoln, Mother, Hull

Because my friend Leigh has been telling me all about how wonderful he is! I met him last spring and his messages spoke to me. He's the right leader for Massachusetts at this critical time!

Maite Diez, Teacher, Hull

I endorse Bob because he is a man of integrity. He says he will work to improve our environment, our schools, and the lives of the 93%. I believe he will do what he says.


When I heard a friend keep on talking about Bob Massie and all the ways he was different from what we have been experiencing in politics typically, I began to read about him. The more I read, the more hopeful I get. He has proven himself that he means what he is promising to address once elected. I have a granddaughter and I want her to have a decent planet on which to grow old. She is only two. We have a lot of work to do. Bob Massie is inclusive, environmentally proactive and kind.

Edward Keefe, Technician, Braintree

Bob believes in being accountable to the constituents who elected him. He shares the same ideals as the working class and understands the importance of government working for the people that pay the taxes.

Susan Ringler, Climate Justice Activist, Cambridge

Climate justice, immigration justice, single-payer health (health justice), workers rights (justice). He values people and the planet over profits for a few. He understands we need to move MUCH MORE quickly.

Michael Bate, Software Developer, Wayland

Bob is by far the best candidate for Governor. Unlike his competitors he is a real leader, who has inspired people.

Dan Emerson, Democratic Town Committee Co-Chair, Newbury

I support Bob Massie for governor of Massachusetts because ‘he was progressive before it was cool’ - Bob’s authentic, future-looking leadership is what our party, state, and country needs.

Meemee Reynolds, Teacher, Abington

I believe in his vision.


Bob has the courage to tackle difficult issues but, more importantly, identify and champion long-term, systemic changes. His vision reflects his outlook beyond the four-year term in office. Politics to Bob is about the people not the candidate. I'll vote for Bob Massie on Sept 4th to avoid the special-interests led ideas and patchwork policy solutions.

Yasmen Bellemsieh, Sales, Revere

I agree with his platform, we need progressives not regular old democrats.

Ashley Duffany, High School Teacher, Taunton

Bob is in touch with the needs of the people and communities in Massachusetts. He has the right vision and attitude to improve life for all in the commonwealth.


I'm proud to endorse Bob because I have seen his commitment to put forth a vision for Massachusetts against all odds. His vision for Massachusetts is what we need to rejuvenate our state and it is great to see him and his campaign advocate for that vision everyday. Just like Bernie Sanders, Bob has been meeting voter by voter to see how he can make the state a better place. I can't wait for vote for him in the Primary.

T David Marro, Engineer, Gloucester

I like his policies. If he can win the primary, he has the best change to beat Baker.


Massachusetts has a history of leading the nation in progressive areas, and we deserve a governor who will lead us to that again. Bob's vision for the environment and for reducing inequality in the state, as well as his sincerity and passion for people, make him a great candidate.


I support 100% of his goals and views.

Sayem Khan, Architect, Cambridge

I appreciate him standing up for the wrong that is going on. And we need to replace Republican governor seats with Democrats.


Bob is the most authentic, exciting, and justice oriented candidate. He has a compelling moral vision and a fire that none of the other candidates have.

Carolyn Barthel, Retired, Mendon

I learned about Bob through my climate activism and I love his can-do attitude and willingness to take bold action that is so desperately needed on this overheating planet. But he's so much more. We share other goals that would positively impact people's lives as well, such as single payer healthcare, better and more expansive public transportation, more effective education and free public college, ending the undue influence of corporations and fighting economic inequality. He is not a one-issue candidate as some have claimed. He looks at the totality of complex, seemingly insurmountable problems and asks why not? And he has the track record to bring disparate, unwilling parties to the table--multi-national corporations, governments, and other organizations--and find solutions, such as the now internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative regarding climate change, human rights and corruption. That's the kind of decisive action people are crying out for.


Bob has been fighting for the environment all his life. His passion and vision for making real change will lead Massachusetts to become the progressive state it needs to be.


Bob is a true progressive with a deep understanding of complex social issues--rare in politics where most people just follow the tide.

Kelly Marcimo, Marketing, Bourne

I had the pleasure to work with and get to know Bob Massie when I was the Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts. We were part of a coalition of organizations working to oppose expanded gambling. Bob is intelligent, that is the first thing I noticed about him. He has a global vision and understanding that motivates everyone around him to become a voice for the cause, what ever he is working on. He sees the next step so clearly, and can organize others to get things done. As I had the pleasure to continue to know and be friends with Bob, I found more and more reasons I am drawn to him. He is supportive of all the causes important to me. Women's rights, Voting rights, Economic Sustainability, Innovation and Technology growth, Health Care and on an on. We are missing out on moving our state forward, we need a Governor with vision and the ability to make change happen. Bob has demonstrated his ability first hand in my eyes. That is why I am thrilled to endorse Bob Massie for governor!


Over the past year, I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know Bob Massie on a personal level. It has been a privilege to hear his progressive vision for how Massachusetts can be a leader in the nation and the world. Bob’s personal story is something that hits incredibly close to home as someone who has a sibling who is mentally disabled. I know exactly what Bob means when he says there are people who are judged before they even say a word. As we all know, the Democratic Party is at somewhat of a crossroads and there is nobody I believe that can bring us all together more than Bob Massie. He has the vision, compassion and willingness to stand up and fight for the issues that are all so close to our hearts. Action and speaking up for what is right is a hallmark of who Bob Massie is. It’s who he is as an activist. That is why this campaign speaks to me on a deep level and why I am proud to endorse him.


With the craziness and corruption in Washington, states like ours must lead when the federal government fails to. We need bold leadership and I’m endorsing Bob Massie for Governor. He has the incredible experience, vision, guts and integrity and will ensure Massachusetts becomes more just, sustainable and prosperous. When I met Bob he spoke with undeniable conviction about divesting from fossil fuels. Only an authentic and brave leader would understand that and he knows how to get it done. MA isn’t a follower, we are a leader!

Nicholas Warren, Ergonomist, Northampton

His climate and grassroots activism

Miriam Kurland, Speech Language Therapist, Williamsburg

He has spent his life working for the people and environment.

Lyn Newkirk, Retired CPA, Weymouth

Bob has a vision for MA that we can have a just society where everyone gets a fair chance at having a decent life. He has the intelligence and integrity that we need so much in today's government along with a proven track record of achieving his goals. Bob is truly a once in a lifetime candidate!

Miles Howard, Author/Journalist, Jamaica Plain

I've spent my adult life researching and writing about the structural inequality that Millennials and many others have been struggling to overcome for decades. And yet, it's difficult to find politicians who not only approach this kind of by-design inequality with the urgency it deserves, but are open to new ideas for how to mitigate the problem. This leads to what first impressed me about Bob: he cares — fiercely, he listens — sincerely, and he's not afraid to embrace bold and progressive solutions. Better yet, progressive politics isn't something that Bob has conveniently adopted because it's more fashionable in the wake of Trump's presidential victory. Bob played a key role in changing the way in which sustainable investments are defined and measured globally. He's been at the forefront of helping activists create divestment movements: to the point where Bill McKibben recently cited Bob as his go-to expert on the subject. And ever since the race to unseat Charlie Baker began, Bob has consistently introduced and championed the most ambitious and egalitarian public policy ideas. Massachusetts is a Democratic Party stronghold and party insiders here tend to look down on those who aren't already "part of the club," so to speak. But after watching the lives of many friends and neighbors get harder and more dangerous — even here in a "blue state" — I think that an insurgent candidate like Bob is exactly what we could use right now. We need a governor with the heart of a justice activist, the peacemaking skills of an executive, and the humility to surround themselves with seasoned experts on all matters that are integral to the health and future of our Commonwealth. That's who Bob Massie is...and it's why I'm thrilled to endorse him.

Ellen Fine, Ski Instructor/Massage Therapist/Non-profit, Needham

Bob is the only candidate talking about Universal Healthcare coverage- single payer. Like many on MassHealth, I was thrown off my health plan this winter and told I have a new doc, no explanation. And I was in the middle of a health crisis when this happened. I only went two months without care and a health insurance plan,spent six weeks fighting and calling numerous agencies, health care plans and our Mass Health Connector that Gov Baker outsourced to Virginia and Tennessee. That's right... Virginia and Tennessee are now answering our questions about why we were all cut off of our Mass Health Plans. And NO one knew why this was happening, not my docs, the nurses or x-ray tech or administrators until I spoke to one guy at the very end of the six weeks of crazy. Many of my friends on Mass Health went through the same thing and didn't know where to turn to for help. The wealthy health insurance companies that insure patients in Massachusetts no longer find it profitable to insure poor sick people so 9 insurance companies that take Mass Health went down to 3 and BMC inherited 130,000 new patients. In Massachusetts, this is criminal! SO my choice was lose a PCP and my sports medicine referrals- on the job head injury as a ski instructor in NH for which I received NO Worker's comp or start all over again with new docs and specialists. So I fought , while sick while juggling heating bills and no money! GOV BAKER, this one's on you! When I spoke to Bob about this last month he was interested in hearing more and I had a long conversation with someone on his campaign who actually got back to me, right away! Bob cares, he sees health care as a RIGHT not a privilege for the wealthy few or something to strive for down the line as Jay Gonzalez does. This is why I will vote for and work for Bob...

Paul Vignoli Jr, Retired, Melrose

I agree with his stands on Transportation (North South Rail Link and Blue & Red Line Connector), helping Seniors and Families, improving education, as well as expanding MassHealth, which seniors depend upon.


Imagine a Governor who understands the urgent need to stabilize the climate and to make Massachusetts a leader in clean renewable energy. Imagine a Governor who has big ambitions and a big vision for our Commonwealth. Imagine a Governor who can reach across the aisle to get things done -- address poverty, heal injustice, build communities, mend healthcare, support education. I am thrilled that Bob is running for Governor and I pray that voters will send him to the Statehouse.


Bob actually cares about the community, unlike most other politicians who only care about advancing their own careers.

John Porcino, Storyteller/Musician, Amherst

I like what Bob's dreaming about for the people of this state. It seems like the way we and the way the world needs to turn, to forward-thinking people and environmental ideas.


He is honest, works hard for all citizens, and cares about climate change, a most critical issue.

Andrea Ayvazian, Minister, Northampton

I admire and endorse Bob because he is honest (so rare in politics today), has integrity (so rare in politics today), has a vision and inspires hope (so rare in politics today), is truly progressive (so rare in politics today), is kind (so rare in politics today), is knowledgeable and cares deeply about climate change (so rare in politics today), stands up for women, kids, working people, people of color, poor people (so rare in politics today), and is smart, articulate, a go-getter, a do-er, a thinker, a moral person, a loving voice, a faithful ally, and a remarkable soul (so rare in politics today).

Carolyn Sailer, Healthcare, Leeds

Bob is an ideal combination of head and heart. He has personal experience in healthcare, professional experience in renewable energy, professional experience in management, and years of demonstrated, active support of environmental and social justice issues. He will be a progressive, skilled, and creative governor!

Ivonne Vidal, Attorney, Hatfield

Bob seems to be extremely knowledgeable about the issues affecting the majority of people in Massachusetts, and has concrete steps to address them. He has a long history of caring about these issues and implementing progressive ideas in other sectors. He has a vision for the state that will help it grow and continue to be a leader in social issues.

Robert Jonas, Psychotherapist, Northampton

I endorse Bob because, on policy, he is absolutely correct on where we Democrats need to go. And because Bob is a good man.

David Greenberg, Retired, Colrain

Bob is clearly the candidate with the vision, the experience, and the will to move the Commonwealth forward around issues that are important to all of us: single payer, no cap on solar, criminal justice reform, decent jobs and affordable housing, to name a few.

Roger Conant, Retired, Pelham

He is in favor of all the things I favor, and he speaks clearly and honestly. Inspiring!


I support Bob, because he is the only candidate running for Governor of Massachusetts who is not taking any corporate PAC money. Right now, the single greatest crisis facing the United States is the horrendous amount of money in politics, where our government is controlled by the wealthy few, and not by the people as it should be in a true democracy. This kind of corruption clearly stems from the dark money that a handful of big donors dumps into all levels of government (just ask Charlie Baker). When federal and state policy align almost too perfectly with the wishes of the elite and not the many, when it is possible for elections to be bought by a fraction of the country, when our entire political infrastructure has devolved into a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich, we have a moral, existential catastrophe on our hands. I sincerely believe, then, that at a time when voters have been turning away from the polished politics of the out-of-touch elite and when the White House is occupied by a man with no love for democracy and no understanding of what makes the United States so great, we need a statesman who genuinely believes in justice for all, a leader who has the moral clarity and deep empathy to make a positive difference in the state of our politics, and a governor who has the integrity to take on the corruption that pervades our government. The statesman, leader, and governor we need is Bob Massie, and I can trust him precisely because he does not take any corporate money. Too many politicians, including Democrats, shamefully fall for the temptation to take these enormous donations, but Bob is different. He has principles, he has a conscience, and he will stand up for what he believes in. He would rather take the high road over the easy and convenient one than compromise his integrity by doing what is “politically advantageous” (or whatever other excuse politicians use these days). Massachusetts has led the country with its progressive vision, whether by being the first state to pass a public option for healthcare or legalize gay marriage in the United States. When we elect Bob, the Commonwealth can take the torch once again by tackling an issue so dear to our democracy.

Jana Lussier, Acupuncture, Amherst

He speaks to people’s hearts and he has fiscal experience!

Judy Hyde, Activist, Northampton

I met Bob out of curiosity a year ago. Who was this guy Bill McKibben's thought so much of? At the event, it took about 5 minutes for me to see that he was not like other politicians. Right away, I got it that his communication skills and ability to connect authentically were striking. I am now his avid 80 year old fan, way out of my comfort zone, knocking on doors, trying to help voters see what an unusual opportunity for strong progressive leadership Massachusetts has.

Sherman Whipple, Carpenter, Hull

I had been an independent for my entire life. I always vote on principle for the candidate and never party. Often there were few to choose from. Then, after learning about Bob Massie and his candidacy, reading some of his papers and then attending several meetings where he spoke, I saw two things. First I saw a man who had overcome great challenges in his life, who showed great vision and leadership with a passionate dedication to the environment, to justice and to people. But it was the second thing that made me register as a democrat and, become a delegate and volunteer to work for his election. It is the fact that he is still learning. He is evolving. He is doing everything so much better just over the past few months I have known him. What he has accomplished in the past is amazing, but I can't wait to see what he will do for us in the future. This is why we must all join together to endorse Bob Massie for governor.


I support Bob because I believe he is the only candidate that will create an economy that supports individuals, not big businesses, and is committed making Massachusetts a clean energy leader.

Jolianna Bear, Early Child Education, Gill

Bob Massie is one of the few candidates or politicians who speak for the people, not to the people.

Rose Sheehan, Educator, Gloucester

Bob Massie is a lifelong SERVANT LEADER. He has the VISION, EXPERIENCE, and SKILLS we need NOW. Bob understands that economic justice, environmental justice and social justice are intrinsically intertwined. He has successfully created and led organizations with investors and financial institutions that work to expand that understanding, educate others, and act on this understanding. I am grateful that Bob Massie is running for Governor of Massachusetts and extend my wholehearted endorsement.

Andrea Burns, Government, Boston

Because he has the courage to take a principled stance on critical issues before they are popular. Because he has the compassion to understand the problems facing the people of the Commonwealth and the intelligence to create the coalitions to solve them. Because Massachusetts deserves a governor who will lead us into a more just and prosperous future.


Massie is a progressive and environmentalist candidate, and I'm voting for him.

Karen Walker, Retired School Principal, Needham

In addition to respecting Bob's ideas about governance and his plans for implementing those ideas, I find him to be a candidate who offers hope for change.

Clifford Hayden, Software Architect, Needham

I have known Bob for decades and he is a great human being. His background and life experiences have prepared him to be a superb leader for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - one with the vision and the practical nuts and bolts understanding of how to lead a large organization to success. His ability to find a vision that unites disparate points of view into a common purpose has been demonstrated by his work with Ceres and the Global Reporting Initiative. His good heart is the product of a lifetime of personal health challenges which he met with courage and fortitude, but also he was graced with a strong supporting cast of family and friends. He is unusually aware of those blessings and deeply believes that they should be shared, not hoarded. His faith has been a central driver of his vision and purpose. That faith affirms the value of every human being, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. It gave him the impetus to stand up to racism, starting in his undergraduate years, and for the homeless when serving in a rich Church in NY. It also drives his efforts to align human creativity and energy with responsible care for our planet. Bob brings a clear vision to the job, fair wages for all, single payer health care, an economic agenda focused on bringing green technology manufacturing jobs to our cities, green energy to our homes and businesses, and a regional transportation system that would position Massachusetts to be a leader for decades to come. We need a leader with a bold vision for our Commonwealth. We need a practical leader who knows how to convert vision into achievable steps and bring them home. Bob Massie is that leader.

Heidi Fox, Learning Consultant, Topsfield

I believe in Bob Massie's vision for our Commonwealth. More importantly, I believe in his ability to listen to the concerns of all stakeholders in our common future. I believe in his ability to articulate common sense solutions that appeal to our better nature. Our current political climate lacks empathy. We need leaders who can help us look beyond our own immediate self-interest and create policies that promote investment in our long-term common interest. Having met him, I believe Bob Massie is a leader for our time.

Todd Burger, Operations Consultant, Lexington

True leaders are a rare commodity. True leaders with empathy who want to do the right things for the right reasons and who are willing to take on the necessary challenges to make this a better place for all are rarer still. Bob's sense of purpose, drive, desire for social justice, creativity and ability to get others, even opponents, to come around and work together make Bob a very rare person. He would do great things for the Commonwealth. I'm honored to have met him and enthusiastically support his bid to be our next governor!

Derek Bennett, Public Policy Advocate, Halifax

Bob has a history of standing up for what is right for all people. He is seriously concerned and experienced in matters of economics, industry, environmental sciences, an human rights. Never had our state had the chance to elect a leader with broad background, dynamic vision and a ferocious dedication to doing what is best for ALL the people of Massachusetts. Electing Bob Massie as our Governor will be one of the best moves we can make to build our commonwealth to be better than ever before.

Leigh Baltzer, Puppeteer, Hull

The reason I support Bob Massie is not just because of his progressive platform — 100% clean energy, single payer health care, $15 minimum wage, Women’s Rights, Immigrants Rights, LGBTQ Rights, etc. The factor that pushes me from “I’ll vote for this guy” to “I’ll volunteer for this guy” and “I’ll donate to this guy” is who he is as a person. His humanity and his desire to connect with the humanity of others sets him apart from the pack. I grow fonder of Bob Massie the more I get to know him, not as a candidate, but as a person. He is truly a person of compassion, kindness and love for his fellow human beings.

I came across this quote the other day:

“Human civilization is dangerously out of sync today with who we are as a species, driven more by the imperatives of economics than by the imperatives of love. It’s the task of our generation to understand this, and to change it.”
- Marianne Williamson

Bob Massie understands this. Bob Massie lives by this. Bob Massie leads by this.


I endorse Bob because I think we deserve representatives in government who are willing to put people before politics. Bob’s proven commitment to his values and unconditional care for the people of the commonwealth indicate to me that, with Bob Massie as governor, Massachusetts will once again be the progressive leader it can and should be.

Jason Kleban, Software Developer, Cambridge

Bob has a proven track record of fighting for a better world for all of us. I trust Bob to put the needs of the people over the needs of special interest groups as we fight to bring renewable energy and health care to all people in Massachusetts.

Zelda MacGregor, Plymouth

My name is Zelda MacGregor, and I’m proudly supporting Bob Massie for Governor of Massachusetts!  I first met Bob at the Arlington Mass Dems Platform Committee hearing in 2017, moments after I read an article about his announcement.  As a member of the Democratic State Committee, I was delighted to hear that we had similar thoughts about the platform and the importance of our party holding elected officials accountable to our progressive values.  In a short conversation, he said he believed in our platform and agreed that we ought to be engaged in promoting it and governing with the same compassion of the values we vote for.  I believe him.

Trusting the people for whom we campaign is an important part of sharing our support with undecided voters, friends, and family.  It comes across when we talk about candidates and feeds the enthusiasm that grows as we work day by day to get people like Bob elected so that he can lead the commonwealth back onto the right track instead of leading from behind like Charlie Baker and even some people on our side.  Bob is for medicare for all, a renewable energy policy that moves forward, a state of the art transportation system, and making it easier--not harder--for people to vote and achieve whatever education they desire.  He has said all of these things and more for decades as an activist, teacher, minister, administrator, economist, and humanitarian.  I believe him.