Abraham Lincoln said we are a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” But today, our democracy has been hacked by large corporations and dark money. This has distorted our elections and our expectations. Too often, we assess candidates first for their fundraising power and only second for their values and ideas. It is easy to become cynical about our democracy.

 In Massachusetts, Governor Baker has established a regular practice of skirting finance laws to raise big money for his campaigns and his causes. He has funneled millions of dollars – at $43,000 a pop –to national Republican organizations that will send the money back to his campaign. His allies and employees sent millions to the New York organization funding the charter school ballot initiative and incurred the largest fine ever from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.  

 I have been fighting big money in politics and pushing back against corporate power my whole career. I worked to persuade pension funds and investors to require corporations to reveal their political contributions. I supported the Clean Elections ballot initiative almost 20 years ago.

 Our democracy is at risk of becoming a plutocracy, in which elections and policies are determined by the wealthy. Our founders worried about the impact of the “monied interests” on the early republic. Today, nearly 250 years after our nation’s birth, the risk is greater than they ever imagined. The time for bold, progressive, democratic action is NOW.


To revive and preserve our democracy, we need to make it easier to vote and easier to run for office.

Money is corrupting our politics. We must make it easier to vote and easier to run for office.




  • Expand voter registration with automatic registration and same day registration.

  • Promote early voting.

  • Move toward ranked-choice voting.

  • Ensure the integrity of our elections and protect our voting systems from hackers.

  • Remove dark money from politics with full disclosure for all campaign advertisements.

  • Eliminate state loopholes and secret funding pathways.

  • Implement public funding of state elections, as was chosen by the voters.

  • Advocate for federal reform campaign finance laws, including overturning Citizens United.

  • Reschedule the primary to separate it from the general election.

  • Support rational district boundaries instead of gerrymandered ones.

I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong.
— Mohandas Gandhi