Rising temperatures are already affecting weather events, public safety, public health, food production, and animal habitats. In the next two decades alone, we could see catastrophic property losses in ocean-facing communities. Our governor has been stalling and standing still, while the federal government actively undermines all the progress we have made in the last decade. We know the science and we can see and feel the impacts. Farmers, foresters, and fisherman know it. Coastal homeowners can see it.  Urban residents without air conditioning can feel it. We need to attack this problem now.

We should be leading the country in combating climate change. We should be cooperating with neighboring states and able partners like California, New York, and Washington. We should adopt actions that will help us meet national climate action goals in the Paris agreement to slow climate change and prepare our communities for what we cannot prevent.

Converting to a green energy economy is our best opportunity to expand our economy. It will produce jobs, increase revenue for the state, lower costs, and improve public health and public safety. The Commonwealth needs to take aggressive, comprehensive climate actions because they will help preserve our precious planet for our children and their children. But we will also be improving life right now for our commonwealth and our communities.


Massachusetts should lead the nation in fighting climate change, and we can.



    • Make Massachusetts the first all renewables-powered state economy, building a new energy infrastructure and driving down fossil fuel use.
    • Reform the Department of Public Utilities, removing fossil fuel and fracking interests.
    • Stop construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.
    • Build a 21st-century reliable power grid.
    • Protect our vulnerable communities, while planning for adaptation to climate change. 
    • Upgrade transportation infrastructure to be desirable, reliable, and energy-efficient.
    • Electrify our transit system to meet our climate goals.
    • Expand the electric vehicle programs and convert the state fleets to electric vehicles.

    • Take joint actions on climate goals with other states to expand carbon pricing, clean energy and conservation.

    • Reduce building energy consumption and promote net-zero/passive construction.
    • Protect coastal communities and assist landowners in adapting to changing coastlines.
    We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.
    — Barack Obama