Bob Massie's Statement on Abolishing ICE


It’s hard to comprehend the images and videos that came from our own Southern border these past few weeks. We knew that President Trump had no concern for arresting and detaining hardworking, innocent people, but separating children from their families is a brand new form of cruelty and disregard for human right -- even for him.

As a parent myself, I can’t even begin to comprehend the horror those families are going through, and it’s despicable that Governor Baker wanted to support President Trump by sending troops down to the border to assist ICE -- that it took nearly a week of heart-wrenching photographs and recordings to change his mind.

Ever since ICE was created by the George W. Bush Administration it has overseen countless human rights violations and abuses right under our noses.  Immigration control should be in the hands of the Justice Department, as it once was, not under the purview of people who are trained to hunt down terrorists.

I thus endorse Representative Pocan’s bill because it’s time to end the cruel, seemingly limitless reign of ICE and begin treating immigration as a civil legal issue, not another front for the War on Terror.

Alex Bausch2 Comments