My Full Statement on the SJC's Decision to Strike Down the "Millionaire Tax"


I’m incredibly disappointed to hear about today’s ruling from the SJC that has struck down what’s popularly known as the “Millionaire Tax.” Today, we witnessed what happens when the monied interests of the wealthiest in the state band together to elect a governor who can then pack the Supreme Court with pro-business judges and suppress the will of the people. 

As a lifelong progressive, I’ve come to understand the important role government revenue plays in making sure we have an equitable society whether that be in having a well funded public education system, well maintained roads, or modern buses and trains. While I appreciate Justice Gaziano’s reasoning, I respectfully disagree with his decision. This ballot initiative was ultimately about a single policy goal of raising revenue for the state, and the relatedness requirement Justice Gaziano cited is often applied arbitrarily. 

The task now falls on Speaker DeLeo and the rest of the legislature to create a progressive income tax amendment here in the state that we can once again bring in front of the public, who will most assuredly pass it.

Alex BauschComment