My Statement on the Departure of our Communications Director


I would like to apologize for the use of the word “demanding” in my comments yesterday about the departure of Mara Dolan from my team. I have nothing but the highest regard for Mara, who has been a friend for years and who I was delighted to work with during the time she was on the campaign staff.  I greatly admire her strength and I simply meant that she had very high expectations for all of us on the team, and an incredible work ethic. I am grateful for her hard work that helped build this campaign. 

So let me be clear: I welcome and honor women’s strength. I always have and I always will.  Indeed, six weeks ago I put out a comprehensive 30 page statement on “Women’s Equality and Gender Justice” in a specific effort to highlight those questions which are left out of virtually every forum that Jay and I have been in.  It is available here.  Here is what I say on the first page.

"As a man, I know that one of my primary obligations is to listen to women’s voices, to promote women’s leadership, and to lay the groundwork for true and lasting equality across all genders.  If I am elected, this will remain a core commitment.  While writing this policy document I have constantly been reminded of the unnecessary struggles that face so many in this Commonwealth.  We are paying a steep price for decades of missed opportunities and neglect... I also believe I have an opportunity and a duty as a man to motivate other men to examine their own behavior, to grow as human beings, to seek gender justice, and to become enduring allies as we move forward. I am eager to embrace this role. Many of the actions in this document are long overdue. Let’s make up for lost time.”

I have stood by those commitments for many years, and as governor will continue to do so.  

Alex BauschComment