TransitMatters Gets It


Today, the group TransitMatters released a comprehensive plan to create a rail system that would allow for rapid transit between all areas in the Greater Boston Area. I endorse this plan and believe it shares a lot in common with the one I released a few weeks ago. At its core, this plan is about mobility and efficiency.  Like our plan, it calls out the deficiencies in the current administration’s approach of short-term, piecemeal fixes to a complex interconnected system problem.  Working together with advocates like TransitMatters, we could continue to develop and refine plans for a comprehensive long term transportation plan that would drive economic opportunity across our whole state.

TransitMatters correctly points out that our current system assumes an outmoded model where people live in the suburbs, and work 9-5 jobs in downtown. We need a transit system that drives jobs out to our gateway cities like Lawrence, Springfield and Worcester by providing excellent connections from the hub of Boston research centers.  In addition, people who work “non-traditional” hours service industry workers, hospital employees, freelance writers, programmers and others deserve a transit system that works for them at all hours.

Efficient and modern public transit is the difference between an economically thriving area and one that cannot grow. This plan, like my own, will bring our transit network into the 21st century, and I encourage everyone to read both of our plans.

Read TransitMatters full plan here .  


Alex BauschComment