Thank You Our Revolution Concord, Hull, Arlington and Lexington


Yesterday morning, the Our Revolution branches in Concord, Hull, Arlington and Lexington endorsed me in the race for governor. I'm very thankful for the endorsement and all of the work Our Revolution has been doing to support progressive politics in Massachusetts. 

My full statement:

I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Our Revolution Concord, Hull, Arlington and Lexington. Our Revolution has been one of the most important groups in continuing the fight against corporate power in government, as well as being a voice for those who feel abandoned by establishment politics. I look forward to pushing forward the major themes of Senator Sander’s campaign such as fighting income inequality, reducing mass incarceration and making the energy grid sustainable and renewable in our own state. I’m excited to work more with Our Revolution as we push our campaign forward into the primaries and then the governor’s race against Charlie Baker!

Below is the full endorsement: 

Several Massachusetts affiliates of Our Revolution, the progressive spin-off of the Bernie Sanders campaign, have announced their endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Massie, among three Democrats vying for the party’s support at its state convention in June.

Our Revolution Concord Area led the gubernatorial initiative and was the first OR affiliate in Massachusetts to voice support for Massie, followed quickly by Our Revolution Hull and Our Revolution Arlington.

 “Our members did their homework early on,“ said Joyce Isen, organizer with OR Concord Area.  “We studied the policy positions of all the candidates. We heard them speak multiple times. We talked with each of them, assessed their values and viability, and looked at who their donors were. After Bernie's strength in the primaries in 2016, most Democratic platforms this year are superficially the same. So to grasp the differences in this race we looked to Bob Massie's 40-year history of progressive accomplishments and concluded that he is a once-in-a-lifetime, transformative candidate.”  

“Among our voting members, we were unanimous in our support of Bob Massie,” said Jordan Weinstein, organizer with OR Arlington. “In our calculus, popular GOP governor Charlie Baker is going to be hard to beat in November. But because Bob Massie is the only real progressive in the race and is driven by a deep and personal motivation to work for the common good, we think he’ll be able to energize and mobilize those progressive voters around the state who will be necessary to beat Baker.” 

Massie recently received the endorsement of environmentalist Bill McKibben, founder of the national climate action group

In a recent piece for The Nation magazine, Wen Stephenson wrote that Bob Massie “...may just be the most serious and experienced climate advocate to run for high office in this country since Al Gore ran for president in 2000. And yet the labels ‘climate advocate’ or ‘environmentalist’ don’t begin to capture a résumé and a life story with few, if any, comparisons....”. Among his accomplishments in this arena, Massie organized the first climate summit in Boston at the Science Museum in 1992, with Al Gore as the keynote speaker. 

The three Bay State affiliates are each petitioning their national organization in Washington, DC, Our Revolution, to take up the endorsement of Bob Massie. “We formed Our Revolution affiliates for just this reason — to support progressive candidates and to support progressive issues,” said Leigh Baltzer, organizer with OR-Hull. “We are fortunate to have this chance, as OR organizers, to nominate the Bernie in our own backyard. Not every race boasts a Democrat who is as committed to fighting for progressive ideals as Bob Massie.” 

Alex BauschComment