Bob Massie's statement on Steve Wynn's resignation and the Republican party


Today I joined with the two other candidates for Governor calling on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to thoroughly review Wynn’s support for Baker as part of their investigation into revoking Wynn’s license. Read the full press release.  

Charlie Baker hopes that Steve Wynn’s resignation will end the controversy over the Everett casino license awarded to Wynn Resorts. 

It shouldn’t.

Steve Wynn’s history of sexual harassment unquestionably disqualified him from running a casino.

But the deeper issue is that this controversy has helped pull the curtain aside on how politics work.  Steve Wynn lavished political contributions on Charlie Baker and the Republican Party. So much so that Steve Wynn became Finance Chair of the Republican Party. And it’s no accident that his casino proposal, which sucks money out of communities, received such favorable treatment from regulators.

I have no doubt that Steve Wynn retires a rich man, and I bet his separation agreement keeps the casino money flowing into his bank accounts.

He has preyed on women, and he has preyed on communities. His resignation is not enough.

This episode should spur greater protections for women in the workforce, particularly low-wage hotel workers who are exposed daily to the potential for abuse.  It should hasten efforts to get big money out of politics. And we need to replace politicians like Charlie Baker who have actively sought the support, Steve Wynn, used Wynn's dollars to finance Trumpism nationwide, and now want you to believe that we can’t do anything about politics as usual. 

The reality is that this is a pattern for Charlie Baker.  Whether casinos, charter schools, or marijuana legalization, Charlie Baker has funneled money from wealthy donors to support his conservative agenda, his reelection efforts, and Republicans nationally. These dark money efforts have led to repeated fines from campaign watchdogs.

This issue is bigger than Steve Wynn. It’s about who controls our democracy - the big donors or the people. And that’s why we can’t let Charlie Baker try to push this into the background.

Alex BauschComment