Men's Obligation to Fight Sexual Harassment and Assault.


Every night and day, in the paper and in the digital press, I hear women cry out in pain and outrage about the ways in which men actively degrade and dishonor them through sexual harassment and assault. In response, all men must act to end this disgrace.

To begin, we must listen. Men who have benefited from a lifetime of privilege – whether we were aware of it or not -- have little understanding of the humiliation and damage that such crimes inflict. Such incidents can wreck women’s well-being, mental health, safety, livelihoods, careers, and much more. This is our moment to understand their suffering and to learn.

Second, we must act with solidarity and resolve to root out the men in our own professional and personal circles who still use power, secrecy, and the threat of retaliation to force themselves on others.

And third, we must respect, support, and actively advance the empowerment of women in every sphere in order to bring an end to our persistent and toxic culture of male entitlement. In addition to ending sexual exploitation, we must eradicate the gender injustices of unequal treatment, unequal opportunity, and unequal pay. This is our common responsibility with all our fellow citizens; we must accept it; and we must act now.