It's Time for Wynn To Go


Back in 2009 I helped to create United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts because I knew that casinos are the reverse Robin Hoods of our economy: they steal from the poor to enrich the wealthy. In particular they suck money from lower income communities, undermine small restaurants and other businesses, and do everything they can to get their customers hooked on slot machines that have been designed through brain research to create addiction as fast as possible. To fight back Wynn poured millions of dollars into a carpet bombing ad campaign that never ever mentioned the word casino.  At a time of economic downturn, many were desperate for the jobs he promised and so the law passed.  

Now we learn more about the character of the man whose relentless greed drove this campaign. Steve Wynn is a friend of Donald Trump's, who named him head of the national Republican Finance Committee in order to extract more tens of millions from billionaire and corporate cronies in order to dismantle the United States. 

And now, like Trump, he faces accusations of long-standing and repugnant sexual harassment and abuse. 

The next steps are clear. He must resign from his position at Wynn Casinos, where is he is being paid more than $700,000 a week. So should his role model, Donald Trump.  And the Massachusetts Gaming Commission might want to apologize for stating in 2013 that after an investigation they concluded that Wynn "possesses the requisite integrity, honesty and good character” that are required by law to run a casino. And once again Governor Baker is finding it necessary to distance himself from disgusting behavior by a member of his own party.  Aren’t you tired of apologizing for Republicans, governor? Why are you still loyal to a party that elevates people like Wynn and Trump and others who lack even the most basic sense of decency?