Baker's decision to save money on the backs of state employees is a heartless one.


The abrupt decision by the Group Insurance Commission to stop offering healthcare benefits from Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim and Fallon to state employees makes no sense.

The lack of notice is sending government workers scrambling to figure out their finances and health care.

Government employees will be forced to find new doctors, enroll in new plans and potentially see their own out of pocket costs go up. Any money the state saves is just being pushed down onto workers with callous indifference to the continuity of their health care.  And all of this was done with minimal input from the workers themselves.

We have now seen Charlie Baker trying to distance himself from the decision of the Group Insurance Commission - even though the Commission is made up of Baker appointees. It is one thing for Charlie Baker to try to distance himself from Donald Trump - now he is trying to distance himself from his own government. I have a request for statehouse reporters: if you the find the desk in the state house where the buck stops, let us know.

Charlie Baker needs to tell the Commission to reverse its decision and start over with a transparent process.