At this moment of crisis we must confront inequality, transform our energy system, improve education, strengthen jobs, and defend our democracy. For my whole life I have fought for environmental sustainability, racial equity, and the rights of working families. I have helped people do what they have never done before. I invite you to join me as together we build a truly just and sustainable economy.

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Fighting the Good Fight: Q&A with Survivor—and Game Changer—Bob Massie - TIME

"Bob Massie is an expert at overcoming hurdles in life. As a young boy he suffered from hemophilia and spent much of his childhood in braces, unable to walk. He contracted hepatitis and HIV after blood transfusions, lost both knees to joint deterioration and needed a new liver to survive. Gradually he fought back, and eventually succeeded not only in walking again but in traveling widely through a life of passion and commitment."

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Massie considering Democratic run for governor - CommonWealth

“The current governor, Charlie Baker, has dawdled on many key issues,” says Massie. “He cannot and will not stand up to Donald Trump.”

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