At this moment of crisis we must confront inequality, transform our energy system, improve education, strengthen jobs, and defend our democracy. For my whole life I have fought for environmental sustainability, racial equity, and the rights of working families. I have helped people do what they have never done before. I invite you to join me as together we build a truly just and sustainable economy.

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Now this is going to be interesting - Somerville Times

"Bob has the potential to transform the predictably pedestrian dialogs that we hear in electoral contests into a conversation about what we the people of Massachusetts most want our state to be, and how to achieve it."

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A Visionary With His Feet on the Ground - Moyers & Company

"Bob Massie is one of those remarkable activists who crosses with some ease between the outsider domain and the insider domain. He’s a movement guy and he’s a pro — a Transcendentalist in politician’s clothing."

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